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E-trace, le premier véritable e-snowbike au monde

To combine sliding discovery and pleasure on snow

Without initial learning or training, the user pleasure is at the heart of this major innovation in recreational activities on snow


Maximum autonomy


A powerful assistance up to 25km/h


Quiet and environmentally friendly

E-trace, the first electric fat bike made fo snow

E-trace concept

At the crossroads of sled and e-mountainbike, e-trace is for everyone:


Easy as a bike


Playful as a sled


Stable and secure through 3 points of support on the ground


Efficient through its latest generation electric assistance


Quiet and environmentally friendly as an electric bicycle


Autonomous by the fact that it does not use ski lifts and operates on all types of snow


Fun as a pedal-powered soapbox

Concentrated pleasure with immediate ease of use

Technology and innovation

Innovation is a situation we choose because we have a burning passion for something

Steve Jobs

E-trace is a disruptive leisure machine by its unique concept and its practice without initial learning.

A perfect union of components specially designed to create a product that combine user pleasure and high performance.

The most suitable materials for winter use conditions, for maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

E-trace, a concentrate of innovation

Much more than a concept, e-trace launches the resurgence of leisure activities on snow.

E-trace, the first electric fat bike made fo snow
E-trace, the first electric snow bike
Arosno etrace Camso track
E-trace, the first emtb made for snow

e-trace specifications


User size and weight: : 145 à 200 cm - 120 kg max


Outer dimensions similar to an e-mountainbike:
1930 x 920 x 1038 mm – 76 x 36 x 41 po (LxWxH)


Weight: 45 kg with battery


Electric assistance: Motor Sachs RS 250 W – 110Nm
Assistance up to 25 km/h


Transmission: Enviolo continuously variable gearbox (0 – 380%)


Removable battery: 48 V


Battery Life: Up to 45 km


Rubber track: made by Camso


Transportation: on a hitch ball thanks to a specific support


Delivery and packing box dimensions: 1000 x 600 x 1600 mm (LxWxH)

Regulations and places of practice

The e-trace is not a motorized device. It is an e-bike.
Approved EN 15194 « Cycles – Electrically power assisted cycles ».

E-trace does not require a dedicated infrastructure. It will roll quietly on all tracks: forest roads, undergrowth, walking areas…

The e-trace is fully in line with the values ​​of sustainable development.

E-trace, the first electric snow bike
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