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We answer here your most frequently asked questions

Why ride an e-trace and not a fat bike or a mountain bike?

Because fat bikes and mountain bikes are intended for an experienced public, due to the high risk of traumatic falls. Furthermore, e-trace is the only e-mountain bike designed for practice on snow.

Where is a good place to use e-trace?

On all the hiking and walking tacks intended for pedestrians, snowshoes…

How am I insured in case of an accident?

By my house insurance, because e-trace is approved EN 15194 «Cycles – Electrically power assisted cycles».

I am not athletic and do not know how to ski, can I use the e-trace?

Yes. Taking in hand the e-trace is easy. You can use it without initial learning or training. The different types of electric assistance ensure that everyone takes pleasure by using it.

Is the e-trace environmentally friendly?

Yes, the e-trace is fully in line with the values of sustainable development. It is eco-designed in the heart of the Alps and operates without any gas emissions.

I am 1.52m tall. Can I use (the) e-trace?

Yes. The minimum user height is 145cm. The seat adjustment is easy and takes 1 minute.

Does the e-trace reverse?

No. The e-trace is a bike, thus it does not have a reverse gear. The turning radius is very short.

Should I pedal while on a descending slope?

No. Like any bicycle, the e-trace has a freewheel. The caterpillar rolls naturally on the snow.

What slope can I climb with the e-trace?

E-trace goes up to a 30% slope. Yet, like a bicycle, it depends on the ground, the snow cover and your physical condition.

The e-trace only has one brake, is that enough?

Yes. Its disc brake is extremely powerful. The braking technology is in every way similar to that of snowmobiles.