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Design at the heart of e-trace development

E-trace, the first electric fat bike made fo snow

Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

Steve Jobs

Design was at the heart of the e-trace development to optimize the original concept qualities of the first stable and efficient e-snow bike. A design focused on user pleasure.

The articulation of engineering and design made it possible to harmoniously integrate the most successful technical components into an attractive, functional and formally optimized architecture.

Thus, the product instantly and simply expresses its vocation, its use and its performance: easy and dynamic gliding accessible to all.

Fun and elegant, the e-trace is a mass of the best current technologies.

Olivier Jeanjean, industrial designer, collaborates on the aesthetics of the Arosno product: the e-trace.

Olivier Jeanjean is experienced in the creation and design of disruptive products, mainstream devices and capital goods.

His philosophy of life is the user first, a design guided by performance and emotion.

Several of his creations, beyond their commercial success, have been rewarded with several awards, such as « Janus de l’Industrie », « Design Observeurs » and « Red Dot Design Award ».

Olivier Jeanjean, industrial designer

After two years of successful R&D and testing, Arosno will launch the e-trace commercially at Eurobike in September 2021 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

This innovation integrates the most efficient components of the bike market.


Partnerships with the most famous brands in the world of cycling are concluded, and the engineering phases follow one another: design, ergonomics, conception, creation of prototypes, tests and improvements.

In 2020, the e-trace, at the crossroads of sled and electric mountain bike, is born.


In September 2019, the Eurobike, the largest exhibition dedicated to cycling, confirms the boom of the ebike and the maturity of electric assistance solutions, both motors and batteries.

For several years now, the winter sports market has been looking for new activities, in order to enhance the customer experience.

The planets were aligned to launch a new leisure product dedicated to winter sports.

The decision was made to design the first real e-snowbike in the world.


In 2018, Romain met Agathe Lebaron, specialist in accounting – finance. Their common passion for winter and mountain sports takes them to Annecy, where Agathe comes from.


In 2009, supported by a first designer, the foundations of the device’s ergonomics were laid. lectric bicycle assistance is unfortunately not yet mature to allow the emergence of a product that can be used by the greatest number.

The project is put on stand-by.


It was in 2006 that Romain Faure had the original idea of creating a snow bike.
His area of ​​expertise is design. Along with other activities, several unassisted prototypes are created to validate the initial concept.